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Aap kis rah par he safalta ya asfalta (Hindi)

Aap kis rah par he safalta ya asfalta (Hindi)

Aap kis rah par he safalta ya asfalta (Hindi)

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Most people think success comes from good luck than hard work, but all successful people have succeeded in an easier way than this, and that is the way: through improving habits. You are the most important member of your family. Your advancement and success is the basis of your family's happiness. Yet people often choose the easiest way in every situation. They search the shortcuts for everything. They do not worry about the long-term consequences of their behavior or work. As a result, they do not have the habit of working hard, which is a mandatory condition for achieving true success. You can't change your future but you can change your habits and believe that your habits will change your future - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam The definition of success for different people is also different. Two-time meal for beggars, more grades for the student, money for the poor and health benefits for the unhealthy person is the success. This book is an excellent guide for the person who wants to move forward and become successful in every area of life. As the title of this book makes the concept clear, it is a life-long guide for you.

Author Bhupender Singh
ISBN 10 9386126885
ISBN13 9789386126887
Binding Paperback
Language Hindi

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